/ˈlɒrəl / (say 'loruhl)

1. a small evergreen tree, Laurus nobilis, of Europe (the true laurel), having aromatic leaves used in cookery; sweet bay.
2. any tree of the same genus (Laurus).
3. Also, mountain laurel. any of various trees or shrubs similar to the true laurel belonging to the genus Kalmia.
4. an evergreen tree, Prunus laurocerasus, the cherry laurel.
5. any of various other trees as Cinnamomum camphora, camphor laurel and Aucuba japonica, spotted laurel.
6. the foliage of the true laurel as an emblem of victory or distinction.
7. a branch or wreath of it.
8. (usually plural) honour won, as by achievement.
verb (t) (laurelled, laurelling)
9. to adorn or wreathe with laurel.
10. to honour with marks of distinction.
11. look to one's laurels, to be aware of the possibility of being excelled by one's rivals.
12. rest on one's laurels, to be content with present achievements.
{Middle English laurer, laureal, from French laurier, lorier, from Old French lor, from Latin laurus laurel}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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